U.S Embassy Press Statement

The Constitutional Court’s ruling clears the way for Parliament to reconvene and to cancel the June 5 elections. This in turn presents a renewed opportunity for the Parliament and the  political leaders to demonstrate through actions a firm commitment to the Przino Agreement and its principles — rule of law, accountability, inclusiveness, and credible elections.  This framework remains the best way to move the country out of the current crisis.

Rescinding the April 12 pardons should be done with urgency and in a way that preserves the principle of accountability, avoids selective justice, and counteracts serious concerns about impunity.  It is a fundamental democratic principle that all citizens should be equal before the law.  Parties should unequivocally support the Special Prosecutor’s Office (SPO).  The SPO’s unhindered operations are crucial to ensuring accountability for possible wrongdoing related to the wiretaps, and for moving the country beyond the current crisis.

Difficult reforms lie ahead.  The reform process must be inclusive and incorporate the perspectives of opposition parties and civil society.  Such inclusiveness is critical to introducing and establishing the checks and balances that are crucial to democracy.  The United States will not endorse approaches that do not respect these principles.

Promises of reform or expressions of intention will not return the country to the Euro-Atlantic path.  Actions will.