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Information on Marriage Procedures in North Macedonia

(This information is believed to be accurate and is furnished without responsibility on the part of the American Embassy)

Marriage in North Macedonia is a function of the North Macedonia civil authorities. U.S. citizens should contact a North Macedonia Registrar’s Office (Matichna sluzba) for detailed information.

If a United States citizen marries a North Macedonia citizen in North Macedonia, s/he needs to obtain the following documents (required by the North Macedonia authorities):

1. Valid passport
2. Birth Certificate (issued within the last 6 months with an apostille);
3. Sworn Statement for free marital status including a statement that no impediments exist to the marriage.
4. Widowed:
Original or certified copy of death certificate of former spouse(s) (with an apostille).
5. Divorced: Original final decree or a certified copy (with an apostille). A certified translation of all documents may be required.
6. Minor: A statement executed by a parent or legal guardian and signed by a notary public giving consent in accordance with the laws of the individual state of residence in the U.S., is required.

The sworn statement can be obtained in the Consular Section of the American Embassy for a fee of $50.00 dollars. The fee may be paid either in cash, in U.S. dollars or North Macedonia Denars or by credit card (accepted credit cards are: Visa, Master Card, Discover, American Express and Diner’s). Payment in Euros or with check cannot be accepted.

The American Citizen has to appear personally at the Consular Section of the American Embassy in Skopje during the regular hours for American Citizen Services and to present a valid U.S. passport. The document is issued immediately.

A licensed court translator must translate the documents into Macedonian language.  Upon presentation of these documents to the Registrar clerk, s/he will set the date for the wedding ceremony.  Two witnesses, provided by the marriage couple, must attend the wedding ceremony.  Witnesses should have their passports or North Macedonia identification cards with them.

The U.S. citizen is not subject to a residency requirement if s/he marries a North Macedonia Citizen.

If the U.S. citizen marries a foreigner in North Macedonia, both of them are not subject to a waiting residency period.  At the time of the marriage ceremony the couple is obliged to bring a licensed court translator, as well as two witnesses.

Only the civil marriage ceremony is a fully recognized legal marriage in the country.

For up-to-date information and documentation, please contact the North Macedonia Registrar’s Office (Matichna sluzba) in the city where you are planning to get married.

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