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Customs regulations for foreigners who enter North Macedonia

Every foreigner or North Macedonia citizen with residence abroad must declare the cash amount of foreign currency greater than EUR 10,000 at the Customs Control Office upon entry into North Macedonia.  Failure to do so may result in confiscation of the cash amount upon departure of the country.

There is a big sign next to the x-ray control written in several languages advising people that they should declare the cash amount they have with them.  After the X-ray control of the luggage, there is a Customs Office with a counter for the customers where the people go and declare the amount of money.

There is no form to fill out, but upon the oral declaration the person is issued a certificate (receipt) which must be kept in a safe place until the departure from the country.  The money should be shown to the Customs office upon his request.  Failure to report the money, upon inspection, the money will be confiscated by the customs officer.

Once the money is confiscated, the customer will receive a copy of the minutes taken by the Customs officer.  In the course of the same day, the money is transferred to the National Bank of North Macedonia, and the customs office sends a report to the local Municipal court. From that moment the court is in charge of the case.

In the next couple of days or weeks (depending on the workload) the court sends summons to the person, and there is a trial, after which the person pays a certain fine, and the money is returned to him. Usually, a certain percentage of the confiscated money is kept by the court or the national bank.

For more information on North Macedonia Customs, please visit:, or call the Customs Office at Airport at tell: (02) 3148-343.

For more information on customs regulations for departing from and arriving in North Macedonia please read the Customs Information Booklet (PDF 1.22 MB)

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