Third Macedonian Energy Forum #MEF2020 Held in Skopje

U.S. Ambassador Kate Byrnes attended the third Macedonian Energy Forum (MEF), November 23, 2020.  This year’s MEF was held virtually, and included Prime Minister Zoran Zaev, U.S. Assistant Secretary of State for Energy Resources Francis R. Fannon, Ambassador of Norway to North Macedonia Jørn Eugene Gjelstad, EU Ambassador David Geer, other government officials, representatives of state-owned enterprises, private business leaders, professionals working in the energy industry, academia, and representatives of international and regional organizations, non-government organizations, and the media.

#MEP is organized by the organizational ZIP Institute, with the support of the U.S. Embassy and the Government of the Republic of North Macedonia.

#MEF2020 aims to explore the path forward for the energy sector in North Macedonia and the broader region.  As North Macedonia moves to further liberalize its energy market under the new energy law, and plans to invest in renewable energy sources and energy efficiency, this forum will provide a platform for debate and offer ideas on how to transition to an optimal energy mix, reducing import-dependencies, yet expanding market access, and increasing green energy generation.

To read Ambassador Byrnes’ opening remarks, click here.