The U.S. Ambassadors Fund for Cultural Preservation (AFCP) 2020

The U.S. Ambassadors Fund for Cultural Preservation (AFCP) 2020


All information must be submitted in English 

  1. Project Basics, including title, project dates, AFCP focus area, and other top-level information
  2. Applicant Information (name of organization, address, phone, fax, mobile, e-mail, website, DUNS number, SAM registration status)
  3. A Short Description of the Organization
  4. Project Location
  5. Project Summary
  6. Project Purposes (explains project objective and desired results)
  7. Detailed Project Activity Description (explains how to achieve the project objectives and results, presents proposed tasks in a logical order, and describes how those tasks directly contribute towards achieving the project objectives and results)
  8. Project Timeframe or schedule, starting from September 2018 (identifies the major project phases and milestones, with performance target dates for achieving them [may propose periods up to five years with five budget periods of one year each], sequence and duration; or attach a timeframe sheet in separate attachment). Projects must start before September 30, 2020 and conclude not later than September 30, 2023.
  9. Statement of Importance (highlights the historic, architectural, artistic, or cultural [nonreligious] values of the cultural site, object, collection, or form of traditional expression)
  10. Statement of Urgency (indicates the severity of the situation and explains why the project must take place now)
  11. Statement of Sustainability (outlines the steps or measures that will be taken to maintain the site, object, or collection in good condition after the AFCP-supported project is complete)
  12. Detailed Project Budget in U.S. dollars (no less than $10,000 and no more than $200,000), calculated by current Dollar – Denar rate (demarcated in one-year budget periods such as 2020, 2021, etc.) listing all costs in separate categories. Please use the Excel format attached to these guidelines.
    • Personnel
    • Fringe Benefits
    • Travel (including Per Diem)
    • Equipment
    • Supplies
    • Contractual
    • Other Direct Costs
    • Cost Sharing
    • Other Funding Sources
    • Justification for any anticipated international travel costs (if any)

 Attachments and Supporting Documents: 

  1. Resumes of the Project Director, including key professional staff and project participants, demonstrating that the applying entity has the requisite experience and the capacity to manage projects to preserve cultural heritage
  2. Proof of Official Permission and Endorsement to undertake the project. Letter(s) from a national or local authority responsible for the site or resource indicating that the prospective applicant has the support of that authority, and permission to undertake the project
  3. Minimum of FIVE high-quality digital images in JPEG format or audio-visual files that convey the nature and condition of the site, object, or form of expression and, in case of a site or object, show the urgency or need for the proposed project (such as collapsing wall, water damage, worn fabric, broken handle, etc.), any historical structure reports, conservation needs assessments, and other planning documents compiled in preparation for the proposed project
  4. Other organizations you applied to with the same project, and status of your application