Remarks of Ambassador Angela Aggeler at the Credentialing Ceremony

Remarks of Ambassador Aggeler at the Credentialing Ceremony
November 8, 2022

President Pendarovski. Thank you for your warm welcome to Villa Vodno today.  It is a great honor to offer to you my letter of credence from President Biden. I am proud to represent the President and the American people as Ambassador of the United States of America to the Republic of North Macedonia.  As I think you know Mr. President, I had the great privilege of serving here previously, in this beautiful country whose culture, people, languages, and history I came to love.

In the time since I was here last, North Macedonia faced great challenges and made difficult decisions, decisions that have moved this country forward on its path toward Euro-Atlantic integration.   This country changed its name to become the 30th member of the NATO Alliance – our newest ally.  It has opened negotiations on accession to the European Union, solidifying its position as a leader in building security and prosperity of the Western Balkans. Your upcoming OSCE chairmanship in 2023 demonstrates the crucial role you play in Europe’s future.

The future is indeed bright, even as this country faces old and new challenges.  Mr. President, I am here today to promise that you will not face those challenges alone.    The United States, the U.S. Embassy, and I will do everything in our power to help the people of North Macedonia succeed in meeting and overcoming all of those challenges.  I give you my personal vow that we will stand with the people of this country – shoulder to shoulder as this country reaches its goals of peace, prosperity, security and independence for all its citizens.

Europe is facing its greatest threat in generations and as a trusted, active NATO ally, North Macedonia is contributing to Europe’s security and stability.  For more than 30 years we have worked together to assure North Macedonia’s rightful place in the larger European community by upholding the core values of a thriving democracy—respect for rule of law; equal opportunity for justice, economic growth, and personal expression; and commitment to achieving those goals openly and transparently.

North Macedonia faces challenges to the foundations of all these pillars.  As you continue to make progress, the United States will be here as a partner, ally, and friend in a relationship that will get stronger, deeper, and more productive.

Mr. President, I am honored to present my letter of credence today.  I am eager to get to work and am so grateful for your gracious welcome, and your support to me.

Thank you.