Press Statement: Macedonia Operation on Suspected ISIL Facilitators

The United States Embassy commends the Ministry of Interior on this morning’s operation against suspected terrorists and terrorist facilitators.  We understand this operation was the result of long and careful investigative work by the police, intelligence services, and the Prosecutor’s Office under Macedonia’s new anti-terrorism laws.  We support the Government’s use of criminal justice processes to stop the flow of terrorist fighters into conflict regions, stem the tide of violence, and aggressively combat violent extremism.

This morning’s operation contributes to regional and worldwide efforts to end the scourge of terrorism.  As Secretary Kerry has said, “There is a role for every country to play” in degrading and defeating ISIL.  The United States is committed to helping Macedonia and other nations in the region and worldwide with their efforts to combat ISIL.  As President Obama noted at the United Nations last September, those who are committed to this urgent work will find a strong and steady partner in the United States of America.