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U.S. Congratulates Parties on Agreement

We congratulate the parties on the agreement reached today on establishing a Public Prosecutor for investigation of crimes related and arising from the content of illegally intercepted communication and on nominating Katica Janeva to fill the position. This appointment represents a significant step toward establishing accountability.  The United States, with our European partners, remains committed to ...
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2015 Findings on the Worst Forms of Child Labor: Macedonia

In 2015, Macedonia made a moderate advancement in efforts to eliminate the worst forms of child labor. The Government amended its laws to classify the forced begging of children as a human trafficking offense and codify that children cannot provide legally valid consent to engage in prostitution. The Ministry of the Interior collaborated with UNHCR ...
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Ambassador Jess Baily’s interview with MRT

Aired on August 20, 2015, at 19:30  MRT:  Ambassador, first of all, thank you for this interview for the national television station.  Ambassador Baily:  My pleasure.  MRT:  The working groups held their first joint meeting in late July and raised the issue of election legislation. Now, in mid-August, meetings for the implementation of the agreement ...
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