Joint Statement by United States Embassy and European Union Delegation

The United States Embassy and the European Union Delegation to Skopje commend the progress that has been made so far implementing the law on the Public Prosecutor to investigate intercepted communications, a key part of the political agreement.  The swift appointment of Katica Janeva as Public  Prosecutor to investigate intercepted communications; her timely proposal of her prosecution team to the Council of Public Prosecutors; and the submission of her general work, staffing, and funding plans to Parliament, the government, and the Council of Public Prosecutors are all positive developments.

It is critical that the Council of Public Prosecutors fulfills its role under the law on investigation of intercepted communications and appoints Ms. Janeva’s team, so that her office can begin carrying out its mandate and performing its duties independently and free from any form of political pressure.  The European Union Delegation and the United States Embassy stand ready to assist if asked to provide training and technical assistance to the office of the Public Prosecutor to investigate intercepted