A Joint Statement by EU Ambassador Aivo Orav and U.S. Ambassador Jess Baily, April 8, 2016

The political leaders of this country have a responsibility to their citizens to put their country back on the Euro-Atlantic path, by implementing their political agreements and urgent reform priorities.

The EU and the U.S. have supported all parties and stakeholders in their work to create the conditions for credible elections. This includes cleaning the voters’ list, preventing any form of intimidation or pressuring of voters, and ensuring fair media coverage. Some progress has been made on these fronts, but considerable work remains. It is a responsibility not only of the state institutions to prepare credible elections, but also of the political parties. April 6 was a missed opportunity.

Together with other international partners, the EU and the U.S. will continue to support democratic development, including elections.  We commend the work of the State Election Commission, as well as the efforts of civil society, in advancing that goal.   We will follow developments closely and continue to share our views.