Contract Solicitations

Requesting Proposals

U.S. Embassy Skopje is conducting request for information for a contractor to provide continuous supply of natural gas to the U.S. Embassy Skopje.  You are invited to submit quotes.  The Request for Information (RFI) consists of:

RFI number 19MK8019N0003 with standard clauses included.

This is a request for information, and quotations furnished are not offers.  If you are unable to quote, please so indicate on this form and return it to the address in Block 5A.  This request does not commit the Government to pay any costs incurred in the preparation of the submission of this quotation or to contract for supplies or services.  Supplies are of domestic origin unless otherwise indicated by quoter.  Any representations and/or certifications attached to this Request for Quotations must be completed by the quoter.

Please read the RFI carefully, and if you are interested, submit your quotation.   Return the completed SF-18 to me via e-mail, fax, or mail.  Oral quotes will not be accepted.

End date for receiving quotations is: 17:00 h on August 15, 2019.

See Also

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Vendor Registration Instructions 

U.S. Embassy Skopje is pleased to announce online applications for vendor’s registration with the U.S. Government.  Federal Acquisition Regulation (FAR), Subpart 4.11—System for Award Management (SAM) requires that all prospective contractors must be registered in the SAM database prior to award of a contract or agreements.

In order to do business with U.S. Embassy Skopje, your company must be DUNS, NCAGE and SAM registered.  The instructions follow:

DUNS registration (PDF 35 KB) | NCAGE registration (PDF 38 KB) | SAM registration (PDF 136 KB)

Feel free to familiarize yourself with the U.S. Government’s contracting procedures ruled by the Federal Acquisition Regulation (FAR) and the Department of State Acquisition Regulation (DOSAR).  To see more U.S. Government Federal Business Opportunities, please go to the FedBizOps.