U.S. Embassy in North Macedonia

U.S. Embassy Skopje, North Macedonia
U.S. Embassy Skopje, North Macedonia

The U.S. Embassy in Skopje works to advance bilateral relations with the government and people of North Macedonia, engaging foreign affairs, business, civil society, education, and other communities to promote issues of mutual interest.

Staffed by over 70 Americans and nearly 240 locally-engaged staff and under the leadership of the Ambassador, the Mission:

  • Explains and advocates U.S. Government positions on a range of bilateral, regional, and global political, economic, social, and environmental concerns;
  • Supports North Macedonia’s efforts to develop a robust, job-creating economy that produces sustained GDP growth;
  • Strengthens North Macedonia’s judicial and law enforcement capacities, particularly to combat corruption, trafficking in persons, and organized crime;
  •  Bolsters democratic institutions and supports the full implementation of the 2001 Ohrid Framework Agreement, in both letter and spirit;
  •  Reinforces close ties with North Macedonia as a model ally in the region and as an invaluable contributor to the Global War on Terror; and
  • Promotes understanding of U.S. society and values to ensure that future generations share common interests and goals.

The United States supports North Macedonia’s NATO and EU membership aspirations and actively encourages the government to implement reforms required to meet Euro-Atlantic institution standards.  With the eventual full implementation of the Ohrid Framework Agreement; evident progress on judicial reform and in the fight against organized crime, corruption, and trafficking in persons; and the consolidation of democratic principles and practice in Parliament, governmental institutions, and civil society, we believe that North Macedonia’s potential to attract the foreign and domestic investment necessary to spur sustained economic growth can be achieved, leading to a richer, more rewarding future for all citizens of North Macedonia.