American Corner Stip

The American Corner in Stip was officially opened on March 3rd 2010. It is the fourth Corner in North Macedonia and first in the region of Eastern North Macedonia. This American Corner is a partnership between the Public Affairs Office at the U.S. Embassy in Skopje, the National Institution/University Library “Goce Delcev” in Stip and YEF (Youth Educational Forum) as our partner organization.

American Corner Stip works as an information center and provides different kinds of book collections, magazines, publications and Internet access for research. The membership is free of charge and the doors of the American Corner are open for everyone interested in information about USA culture, education, different kinds of exchange programs etc.

Each month there is a different program with lots of events such as kids’ clubs, presentations on different topics related to education, society, culture and other up to date issues, conversation hours, writing centers, English teachers nights, DVD showings, workshops etc.

In the field of education, American Corner Stip provides lots of information material about studies in the USA and works as an alumni center where the citizens who have been to the United States on exchange programs can keep in touch with each other, and with their American contacts.

For news on all American Corners and their monthly programs and events, please visit the American Corners North Macedonia page.